Los Angeles-based cultivators and educators, Jungle Boys have shaped today’s cannabis landscape with their innovative cultivation techniques, commitment to artisanal practices, and dedication to guiding public perception on the cannabis plant and its potential.

Through the adoption of commercial agricultural models and attention to phenotype-hunting, Jungle Boys cultivate the world’s rarest, cleanest, and most potent flower. Globally-known for strains such as Jungle Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, and WiFi #43, their work has become part of today’s cannabis lexicon. With the same commitment to quality and purity, Jungle Boys have expanded their offerings to include BHO and SHO concentrates, processed in-house by a team of expert extractors using their award-winning flower.

For over ten years, the consistent quality and passion inherent in their work has served as the beacon guiding cannabis’ future while shining a light on its historic past.


The team behind Jungle Boys Full Melts believes in three things: the plant, the process, and the hard work needed to bring these together. The process begins with quality source material, grown in-house, and continues in small batches that are hand-washed to ensure pure, potent full melt extracts with every pull. Jungle Boys’ dedication to simplicity and attention to detail results in blonde ice water hash, that bubbles and melts to reveal cannabis the way it was meant to be enjoyed.


Through a delicate merging of time-honored techniques and sophisticated technology, Jungle Boys Rosin have pushed the boundaries of solventless hash oil since 2014. Perfecting the plant-to-press model, Jungle Boys rosin begins and ends in-house with either fresh-frozen, hand-washed flower or hand-sifted kief collected in small batches to be extracted using stainless steel plates and hydraulic pressure. The care and precision present in every step of the process produces rosin that consistently sets new standards in clarity, potency, and yield.